The low-threshold Forum Coworking serves both large and small operators and companies: Science Park is developing into the most vibrant communal meeting place for everyone in the digital age.

A communal workspace of the new era, Forum Coworking, has been opened at Joensuu Science Park. Forum, which previously served as a coffee shop, has been transformed into a communal workspace with a wide variety of working areas, including comfy sofas and relaxing areas for lounging. The communal workspace also stretches to the former Cinema Apollo. At the same time, café Forum’s opening hours have been extended and the menu has been modernised and diversified.

In nearly 30 years, Joensuu Science Park has expanded and developed into a place where over 130 companies and approximately 1,500 people come together. Now this nerve centre of countless networks opens its doors to each and every actor seeking a community spirit – even without a monthly charge.

– Today’s lifestyle has become mobile and digital. The number of self-employed persons, freelancers and start-ups in the entrepreneurial sector has grown continuously. Today, work is no longer tied to time and location. Surprising multi-professional and multidisciplinary encounters have also become increasingly important for more traditional companies, and even for large businesses, says Anu Halonen, Director of Science Park’s Facility and Event Services at Business Joensuu Oy.

Fastidiously designed

The role as a provider of communal facilities suits Science Park to a T. Joensuu Science Park is located in the centre of the city, and it is easily accessible. Science Park has gained first-hand experience of what is required of facilities in a concrete manner. Anu Kankkunen from Sisustustoimisto Tuuma has worked as a cooperative partner in the interior design of the Forum Coworking.

– The restaurant community with its renewed menu is the heart of Forum. As a whole, this is a living and permissive part of the busy Science Park. There are soft seats, ball-shaped seats, traditional sets of chairs and also quiet and protected nooks. By one desk, you can even cycle an exercise bike. The facility’s soundproofed telephone booth offers privacy. All in all, the space has been structured to encourage mobility, Anu Kankkunen explains.

Ecology is another value in the furnishing and interior design of the Forum Coworking.

– The idea of continuously purchasing something new is regarded as outdated today. A lot of recycled furniture and materials have been used in the Forum Coworking. The end result is simultaneously stylish and cosy.

Three different categories

Joensuu Science Park is the largest concentration of office facilities in the region. In addition to permanent offices, the demand for flexible and affordable working spaces has increased.
In the Forum Coworking, this demand is met by dividing the facilities into three different categories. At its cheapest, the communal workspace is entirely free of charge for its users. This means that you can work in the premises from 8am to 5pm on weekdays.

The Forum FLEX contract allows you to continue working in the premises until 8pm. The monthly price (€150 euros / month, 0% VAT) also includes the opportunity to work in the extended facilities of Apollo. Coffee, tea and fruit are available free of charge.

The third and largest category Forum PRO (€250 / month, 0% VAT) provides the customer with the same comprehensive benefits as tenants in a traditional office space.

– We created three service categories so that as many people as possible can find the best alternative for themselves in the communal working space. It is easy to use the free alternative to test out the facilities, Anu Halonen explains.

Facilities as enablers

Anu Halonen believes that the popularity of coworking will increase. As the world of work changes, networking and a sense of community are regarded as a significant added value, if not a necessity. At their best, communal workspaces can provide professional support, partnerships, as well as customers and employees.

– Coworking is not just about facilities. The facilities make things possible, but a sense of community is created between people. The facilities have been designed with the users’ needs in mind, and they are also ready to be modified according to feedback.

In Science Park, community spirit is also seen as part of occupational well-being. Once a month, the Forum Coworking also hosts an AfterWork event between 3pm and 5pm. It depends on the users themselves who settle in to the facilities, what kind of great community-oriented activities the Forum Coworking will offer in the future.

The entrance to Forum Coworking is located on Linnunlahdentie on the street level of building 4B . For a more detailed description, please visit

The opening of Forum Coworking will take place on 8 November at 5.30pm. Teemu Harinen from Sportspot Oy, entrepreneur and mother of the Great Women network Pia Kontturi and Jiri Jormakka from Kelluu Oy will talk about cooperation and the importance of networking.

Everyone is welcome to attend the opening, and a registration link can be found in the open Coworking Forum group on Facebook, meant for mutual networking and communication purposes between Forum users.

Further information:

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Director of Services
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Business Joensuu Oy
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