Comparing cities with over 50 000 residents, Joensuu has the second best overall image. Joensuu is also the second most entrepreneur-friendly city. This was revealed in the Municipality image 2018 survey conducted by Taloustutkimus. In terms of recommending the municipality as a business location to other companies, Joensuu ranked third among all big cities.

The Municipality image survey covers 11 different factors. When comparing different image factors in all big and small cities, and municipalities, Joensuu stands out especially in terms of the following:

  • Cooperation between companies and educational institutions (Joensuu is number one)
  • Commercial services available in the centre (Joensuu is number two)
  • Performance in municipal cooperation (Joensuu is number four)
  • Promotion of innovations (Joensuu is number five, but clearly above average) Joensuu scored altogether 7.44 points, while the average score of all cities and municipalities was 6.88.

Companies also recommend Joensuu as a business location for other enterprises. This time, Joensuu ranks third in a comparison between all cities and municipalities, improving its score significantly.

The results are based on 1585 replies. The survey was conducted as a telephone administered internet survey taking place from 21 August to 5 October 2018.