Short title but the impact can be huge. Companies in our region state that the shortage of ict-talents is in the worst case stopping them to grow. We need more effective ways to international ict-recruitments, to strenghten the teams, to gain business opportunities, not to mention the job opportunity for a single person.

Business Joensuu is enabling new opportunities for companies to recruit ict-talents from abroad. Ict-focused cooperation agreements e.g. in the universities are utilized in a new way, opening up fruitful recruitment channels. Focus is in those countries where we act as a forerunner and/or where the companies already have good experience. One example of cooperation is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Unique Finnish-Jordanian ict-collaboration

Ict-collaboration between Joensuu and Amman is since two years and during that time three talented (nearly graduated) students worked in the city of Joensuu, Finland. Permanent job offer followed them all. Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) has been the forerunner in the cooperation. It is the leading ict-university in the Arab countries and the graduates are well established in the global ict-companies. Karelia University for Applied Sciences and PSUT organized first hackathon in Amman last year for company Arbonaut. Hackathon concept was seen as an effective (and fun!) recruitment channel, and this year Business Joensuu will organize it again with PSUT, including several ict-companies. Mininum of 100 competitors from PSUT and Al-Hussein Technical University (HTU) will be tackling the given challenge later in the Spring.

Successful ict-recruitment

By July 2021 companies in the Joensuu region have hired 20-30 international ict-talents. Business Joensuu will repeat successful model of the Jordan cooperation to two other areas in the world. Which they are – will be seen later this year. We are also coaching the ict-companies in regards to international recruitment requirements. Simultaneously, the city of Joensuu is ramping up new ”one stop shop” services to ensure that international employees have the best civil life services. By enabling the good balance between the work and the freetime we get the possible impact.

Writing this in an airplane on our way to Amman, I am glad to announce very soon the date and time for our Amman hackathon. Three companies Abloy, Arbonaut and Nolwenture are recruiting ict-talents from this competition, offering the winning team a trainee position or a direct job in Finland. Competition and the registration will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Janita Ylitalo
Development Manager