The municipality of Heinävesi, which will become part of the region of North Karelia on 1 January 2021, has decided to acquire business and employment services from Business Joensuu. All Business Joensuu services will be available to Heinävesi companies and budding entrepreneurs. The services on offer cover the entire life company life-cycle, from start-up to growth and internationalisation, as well as the locating of companies and investments in the region. As of 1 January, the new cooperation partnership will open up entirely new opportunities for Heinävesi companies and expand Business Joensuu’s customer base with the addition of more than 400 companies.

The Heinävesi municipal council and municipal strategy work have emphasised the development of livelihoods and the vitality of the municipality. Indeed, the municipality has a large number of companies in relation to its population, and a workplace self-sufficiency of 100%. A current objective is to strengthen and diversify the services offered to companies. As the municipality becomes part of North Karelia, closer cooperation with the region is also a natural development.

– Companies operating in the municipality need practical, expert services to support their basic activities, strengthen competitiveness and support the growth of companies. It is very challenging to respond to the needs of companies requiring versatile expertise with just the municipality’s own resources or the efforts of a single employee. ‘I see this cooperation providing new opportunities for our municipality. It brings new expertise and energy to our businesses and their activities,’ says Heinävesi’s Municipal Manager Maarika Kasonen.

The Municipality of Heinävesi and Business Joensuu have shaped together a partnership that takes as its starting point the needs of the municipality and its companies in particular. The company’s services support municipal companies at all stages of their life cycle. Business Joensuu’s full-service partner municipalities all have allocated business experts who offer local business services and act as a contact person to connect businesses with the full range of Business Joensuu experts and services. The company’s expert, advisory and coaching services are provided by more than 45 experts, all of whom will be available to support companies in the municipality of Heinävesi. These companies also receive support through Business Joensuu’s versatile online services, directly accessible Business Helpline and extensive networks and partners both within the region and throughout the world. For example, regional private equity funds may in the future target investments at growth companies in Heinävesi. In addition, Heinävesi companies can freely utilise the co-working spaces and services at Joensuu Science Park.

– I am very pleased about the cooperation with Heinävesi. The municipality has excellent entrepreneurs and companies which have many opportunities to grow and develop. Together, we will also certainly be setting up new companies that will require expert help – and also, for example, supporting entrepreneurs involved in generational business transitions. In concrete terms, this also strengthens regional cooperation and serves the common good of the people in the region. Welcome Heinävesi!’ says Harri Palviainen, Managing Director of Business Joensuu.

The integration of a locally visible and active Business Joensuu municipal expert with a wide range of experts and versatile services connected to different networks has proven to be a highly effective and cost-efficient way of serving companies in the other full-service municipalities and cities, which include Ilomantsi, Joensuu, Outokumpu and Polvijärvi. Business Joensuu and the partner municipalities are continuously developing the operating model and services on the basis of company feedback and experiences.

Heinävesi and Business Joensuu have signed a cooperation agreement for the period 1 January to 31 December 2021. The precise quality objectives for the cooperation work will be agreed on together, taking into account the current situation and needs of Heinävesi companies. Business Joensuu is actively involved in the municipality’s business activities, and the municipal business expert has their own office at the Heinävesi municipal hall.

Additional information:

Maarika Kasonen, Municipal Manager, Municipality of Heinävesi,, +358 40 5505 811

Harri Palviainen, Managing Director, Business Joensuu Oy,, +358 500 967 744