Willpower and competence – both are needed in entrepreneurship, growth and internationalisation. Willpower is a force that takes you forward, and competence is required for reaching the goal. Business Joensuu helps companies strengthen them both.

Willpower is based on the personal values and motives of the entrepreneur, manager and employee. It is easy to support competence, but a bigger effort is required in order to generate willpower. We asked North Karelian companies about their expectations. We were delighted to realise that many regional companies identify a need to grow and become international.

There is always a risk involved in entrepreneurship. When aiming for growth and internationalisation, the risk often increases. It can be managed by developing competence and procedures, as well as by realising that Business Joensuu provides support for companies. Our mission is to help companies plan alternative paths of future development and accomplish their own growth story. When we asked companies about their expectations, the responses highlighted a need to receive support particularly in terms of leadership, sales and marketing, productisation, digitalisation and internationalisation. The entrepreneur’s personal ability to cope also emerged as an important topic from the responses, which can be seen as a need for help in self-management. Thank you for all the feedback, we have shaped our services accordingly.

Success breeds success. We will share examples of company growth and internationalisation from our region and elsewhere. This will provide businesses with ideas and tried-and-tested approaches, and courage them to turn their aspirations into action. We will also set an example by having the courage to experiment, try and cross boundaries. We always return to the fundamental question: will this particular idea or action generate new business, growth or internationalisation? This is Business Joensuu’s raison d’etre – it leads to new jobs, thriving companies and a functioning living environment for us all. Jobs and growth are created in companies. We have set ourselves concrete and measurable objectives in the development of regional companies and employment.

This series of Business Joensuu articles is going to be continued. We will publish stories on topics that the companies in the region regard as important. Future themes include the accessibility of our services, and formative and proactive approaches. Strategy is one of our key topics. At best, a good strategy can be an energising compass that provides concrete guidance. Our plan is also to generate discussion on leadership and internationalisation. Regional success requires interaction and open-minded cooperation between companies, education, research and public organisations.

The world and the operational environment are changing. North Karelian companies have excellent potential to succeed in this change. Business Joensuu is an active operator in this matter of common interest. We will work together with you to make your company into success – boldly and at a good tempo!

Harri Palviainen
Chief Executive Officer of Business Joensuu