When Tuomo Kauranne set up Arbonaut, taking over the domestic market was not the company’s first priority. Arbonaut has, indeed, grown into a global company – in terms of business, networks and personnel. Joensuu was thus a conscious – and undoubtedly right – choice for the company location.

CEO of Arbonaut Tuomo Kauranne thinks that Joensuu’s strong forestry sector is already getting attention – but not quite enough. Education and research done by Natural Resources Institute Finland, the University of Eastern Finland Faculty of Science and Forestry, and the European Forest Institute, as well as the already existing international network of companies and organisations convinced Kauranne in the early 1990s of the fact that Joensuu is the right place for conducting world-class business in this sector.

– There are so many experts here, and the forestry sector and its operators are already global. That is why Joensuu felt like the most natural place to run a world-class business in this sector, Kauranne states.

Specialising in remote sensing of forest technology, the company has become rapidly international. Global projects are continuously underway at Arbonaut, and the company has workers from Africa, America and Asia. Multiculturalism is also visible at the company’s main office in Joensuu: only half of the 40 employees are Finnish.

Joensuu is the right place for world-class business

– We have employees working all around the world, but of course the multicultural aspect is also visible here in Joensuu. A lot of people join us as employees or interns through, for instance, university or Erasmus exchange programmes of the University of Eastern Finland and Karelia University of Applied Sciences, but also from the University of Hamburg in Germany. Sometimes people find employment, a partner and a new home here. There are various stories like this in our work community, Kauranne says.

Forestry experts and cooperative partners can be found nearby

The high-quality education and research taking place at University of Eastern Finland Faculty of Science and Forestry is a real breeding ground for talents in the field, and an important recruitment channel for Arbonaut.

– It is not difficult to find competent workforce here. I receive job applications almost daily, Kauranne says.

The university has been Arbonaut’s important supporter and cooperative partner since the company was established. TEKES and Joensuu Science Park have also shown strong support for Arbonaut. At the moment, the network of partners is even more extensive.

– EFI, Natural Resources Institute Finland, University of Eastern Finland and Karelia University of Applied Sciences – these four form our important support network. We also gain advice and assistance from our customers Metsähallitus, Forest Centre and OTSO Metsäpalvelut forest services. The best thing is that all of them also operate in Joensuu, Kauranne states.