Part of the Kelpokerääjä metals recycling network and established by Sami and Johanna Kallinen, Nordic Recycling Oy is the biggest operator in its field in North Karelia.

Entrepreneurs behind car tyre shop Joen Rengas-Expertit Oy Sami and Johanna Kallinen have bought the business operations of Tylite International Ltd, a company specialising on the recycling of metals. At the beginning of their business activities in the growing recycling sector, the Kallinens will be coached by Timo Tamminen, who sold his business to the Kallinens after working in the field for 13 years. The parties involved in the business transfer describe the trade as a type of generational change. Business Joensuu played an important role in making the acquisition possible.

– The business transfer felt similar to a generational change, although we are not part of the same family. We have known each other for years. When Timo Tamminen approached his retirement, we started discussing a deal. Flexible funding made the business transfer possible, and things proceeded in a similar way to a generational change, Sami Kallinen says.

Sequencing ensures a continuum

In the first phase, the business transfer comprises the business operations in North and South Karelia and in Savonia of Tylite International Oy, which is part of the Kelpokerääjä metals recycling network. The metals collection business in Uusimaa will be transferred to the new owners by year 2020.

– As part of the flexible approach, the seller commits to supporting us in the process of entering a new business sector, Kallinen says, and points out the fact that, in the recycling business, the tacit knowledge and competence provided by an experienced entrepreneur are of utmost importance.

A growing sector

In principle, the Kallinens’ tyre business employs five persons, but during the high season, they have twice as many employees. The company’s annual turnover is approximately 1.2 million euros. The Kallinens will continue working in the car tyre store as before. For practical reasons, the business takeover took place in the winter, as the upcoming high season for changing car tyres will again keep the Kallinens busy in the tyre store.

Metals recycling employs between 2 and 6 persons, depending on the season. In 2017, Tylite International’s turnover was over one million euros. The collected metal is mostly transported to Kuusakoski Ltd, which processes recycled materials. In terms of the volume, Tylite International has been one of Kuusakoski’s biggest collectors even at national level.

– Recycling is a growing trade with definite development potential. We are planning to continue working with Business Joensuu particularly in relation to development work. We are eager to grow, and so we took on the new business opportunity particularly with development in mind, Johanna Kallinen states.

According to Tuomo Roivas, Director of Business Services at Business Joensuu, the recent business transfer is a great example of how innovative solutions can lead to good results in business acquisitions.

– A conclusion resembling a generational change is possible even when the parties are not related to each other, and the tacit knowledge of the experienced entrepreneur can be smoothly transferred to the new entrepreneurs, Roivas says.


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