Business Joensuu launches a growth coaching programme, based on a hands-on training approach, for companies in the Joensuu region. All companies, regardless of their size, industry or age, can apply for the programme. Desire and determination are the key, as the goal is developing business activities with the aim of generating growth. The first group will start at the end of September. Airing out ideas, specifying plans, finding a new approach and enthusiasm for business development – the growth coaching programme offers entrepreneurs and business leaders sparring in a group of peers.

According to Business Coach Mervi Leminen from Business Joensuu, feedback received from companies indicates that growth entrepreneurs and business leaders are interested in “coaching” and an opportunity to mull things over in a group of peers. Their wish has been heard: Business Joensuu has joined forces with partners and developed a new and innovative growth coaching service.

– To join the programme, entrepreneurs must, above all, be willing and ready to commit to a rather intensive coaching period. The programme is open also to early-stage companies. The business sector or size of the company is irrelevant, because even strikingly different companies ultimately struggle with the same challenges, Leminen says.

Putting the puzzle together

In the growth coaching programme, “growth” is a synonym for willingness to move forward instead of remaining stuck in a rut. Ultimately, growth means increasing the company’s turnover and paving the way to success. Business growth is enabled by factors such as production development, new products or services, sales boosts and management reforms. An experienced business coach knows the barriers that stand in the way of development.

– In many cases, entrepreneurs are all alone with their issues and feel that they do not have enough time for everything. They do not have a sparring partner at home, and certain issues cannot be discussed in their own organisation, either. There is a need for an outside perspective, for someone with whom the entrepreneurs can discuss their issues and objectives.

– We have received grateful feedback from customers who have enjoyed the opportunity to focus on developing their own business activities and leadership. Entrepreneurs often have lots of ideas and expertise required for growth – the only thing they need is the time and space for putting the pieces together.

Steps to success

The business mentors of the programme, or coaches, are experienced business experts.

– However, we coaches do not hand out ready-made answers; instead, our goal is to ask the right questions and take the discussion forward. If necessary, we can also call on specialists, such as experts in service design and sales. It all depends on the needs of the group.

What are the barriers to the company’s development and how can we overcome them? Are there issues in the company that require changes? What kind of potential does the company have for growth and development? What kind of tactics and schedules will enable progress?

– Once the barriers are cleared, uncertainties tackled and intellectual capital strengthened, the growth coaching programme will provide the companies with tools for business growth that will last long into the future. Furthermore, a diamond-quality growth plan is drawn up for each company during the programme.

Thanks to the financing partners of the growth coaching programme – the European Regional Development Fund, the Regional Council of North Karelia and Business Joensuu – the cost of participating in the 10-week coaching programme is 140 euros per person. The website of the growth coaching programme can be found at (in Finnish). The website also has an application form, aimed at mapping the basic information and objectives of the company. Applications for the coaching can be submitted at any time.

The growth coaching programme is a part of Business Joensuu’s services that support the growth and internationalisation of companies. If necessary, the companies can also receive assistance from the intensive business coaching programme GoGlobal with issues such as acquiring funding to support growth and initiating exports.

Further information:

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