Medicine dispensers, hospital and laboratory equipment, rapid diagnostic tests, contracted manufacturing of pharmaceutical devices, automated technology, mould production, plastic expertise. A medical cluster operating in the Joensuu region produces all this and more to the international pharmaceutical industry.

– In the early 2000s, there were approximately 150 million diabetics in the world. Now there are half a billion. The number of people diagnosed with diabetes is rising, and obesity is a growing problem even in China, Phillips Medisize Plant General Manager Perttu Huovinen explains.

Medisize, a company producing medicine dispensers, is the locomotive company of the North Karelian medical cluster. Its customers consist of international pharmaceutical companies. The cluster also includes Kaptas, Valukumpu, Muovisola, Muottituote, Thermo Fischer and Medix Biochemica. Companies in the network have well over a thousand employees in total. The number of jobs is even greater if you include the network of subcontractors.

“We have what it takes and more!”

In economic science, a cluster means a concentration of companies and organisations. Clusters are characterised by production growth, innovation capacity and strategic competence. By combining strengths and competence, a cluster becomes more than the sum of its parts. This is precisely the case in Joensuu.

Joensuu region can offer performance and leadership to the pharmaceutical industry

– No matter which company you represent on a sales mission abroad, we have a joint story to tell. Automation, moulds, project competence… We have what it takes and more! Joensuu region can offer the pharmaceutical industry performance and flexibility, Huovinen summarises.

International growth market

Subcontractors serving the pharmaceutical industry are part of health technology. Health technology is one of the fastest growing export sectors in Finland. In 2017, the export of Finnish health technology was worth 2.2 billion euros.

What attracted Joensuu so strongly to join the international growth market?

Competent people and over 50 years of experience in plastic manufacturing, Perttu Huovinen says and refers to Perlos, a company thriving in the telecommunications business.

The story of Perlos in Finland ended in 2007, but the expertise in mould production and automation remained. New experts are required, and Riveria listens carefully to the cluster’s needs.

One of the brightest stars created under the umbrella of Medisize is Kaptas, a company focusing on automation technology. Its founders background is in Perlos. The concept published by Kaptas in 2012 revolutionised the competitiveness of pharmaceutics in the tender early stages of product development and manufacturing, when a quick product launch is crucial.