Business Joensuu will help companies in the Joensuu region in a variety of ways during the coronavirus epidemic. We will hold webinars to share advice from legal professionals, and our action team will help companies meet challenges resulting from the coronavirus epidemic by telephone. Companies will be supported in active cooperation with other business actors. Business Joensuu is continuing its activities and will just as all other organisations comply with the instructions of authorities, taking precautions to ensure the common good.

Our first webinar concerning the coronavirus was held on Tuesday 17 March, and it dealt with the coronavirus epidemic from the perspective of a company’s activities and business. A total of 100 people were able to participate in the webinar. Due to high demand, a corresponding second webinar will be held already on Wednesday 18 March. The webinar was organised and implemented by Business Joensuu, the Federation of Finnish Entrepreneurs, North Karelia and law firm Asianajotoimisto Kontturi & co. Business Joensuu will organise more webinars in the near future on the effects of the coronavirus epidemic from different business perspectives.

Business Joensuu’s action team will advise companies on the challenges posed by coronavirus. The action team can be contacted via the On-call business service at + 358 10 419 8011. The On-call business service is open Monday to Friday 9 – 17. All companies in the Joensuu region may contact the On-call business service. The action team includes experts from Business Joensuu specialised in corporate financing and human resources.

Business Joensuu will participate in the activities of North Karelia’s corona business response taskforce, which has been urgently set up. Participants in the ELY Centre-organised first remote meeting of the taskforce on Tuesday 17 March included the North Karelia ELY Centre, Business Joensuu, TE Services and Finnvera. In the future, taskforce participants will also include the Federation of Finnish Entrepreneurs, North Karelia, the North Karelia Chamber of Commerce and North Karelia’s regional development companies. The taskforce will actively monitor the situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic in the business field and inform companies about the tools that have been put in place such as new financial services. In addition, the taskforce will monitor all decision-making related to the epidemic at the national and EU level and take the impact of these decisions into account.

“We recommend that companies anticipate the potential effects of coronavirus on their own business. It is a good idea to be in contact with Business Joensuu’s On-call business service, your bank, Finnvera or the ELY Centre as early as possible to enquire about the funding and support tools in place for this situation,” states Business Joensuu CEO Harri Palviainen.

As a precaution, Business Joensuu personnel will hold any work-related meetings remotely and will work from home as much as possible. All events that Business Joensuu was to organise in March, with the exception of webinars, will be rescheduled to a later time. Our aim is to maintain operations at the Science Park property as normally as possible, while complying with the instructions provided by authorities and taking precautions to ensure the common good.

Edit 23 April: Sole entrepreneur support for coronavirus-related reasons

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