Apartment hotel Lietsu Palvelut Oy and Lommon Oikaisu Pesonen were among the first companies founded in North Karelia at the beginning of the year 2019. The hotel concept aiming at increasing the amount of international tourists’ over-night stays, and the dent repairman serving customers in a mobile manner are examples of service industry companies that have found a new perspective in business. Providing coaching for start-ups, Business Joensuu is going to highlight promising new businesses in the future – the power of example is very important.

Altogether 543 new companies were established in Joensuu, Liperi, Outokumpu, Ilomantsi, Kontiolahti and Polvijärvi last year. Director of Business Services at Business Joensuu Tuomo Roivas thinks that the beginning of year 2019 predicts the continuation of good energy in entrepreneurship.

– Entrepreneurship is respected, and there is a demand for Business Joensuu’s growth and development services. Reality reflects pretty well what Statistics Finland brought up in its report published at the end of last year: the majority of those who had chosen entrepreneurship, had selected their path of their own free will instead of being forced to such a decision.

A hotel in the Post Office building, and mobile dent repair

New companies in North Karelia in 2019 include, among others, Lietsu Palvelut Oy, as well as Lommon Oikaisu Pesonen. Apartment hotel Lietsu will open its doors in November later this year. Introducing a new concept, the company occupies the top two floors of Joensuu’s old Post Office.

– The idea of bringing a flow of international tourists to Joensuu governs the development of this hotel concept. We start from a great place – from the heart of the city and by good services. The concept also enables the expansion of business, Lietsu’s entrepreneurs Helena Puhakka-Tarvainen and Maria Saastamoinen say.

Auto Body Mechanic Sami Pesonen, in turn, set up a business specialising in dent repair. Up until March, Lommon Oikaisu Pesonen will serve as a mobile manner, until the new premises on Joensuu Aspitie Road are ready. Pesonen repairs dents using a PDR technology which allows adjustments without violating the paint surface.

– The TE Office instructed me to visit the business coach of Business Joensuu. The business coach checked my business plan and said it looked good. I then received advice on funding, and set up my company.

Coaching and training

According to Business Joensuu Business Coach Mervi Leminen, as a rule, budding entrepreneurs need help in terms of funding and understanding the customers’ needs.

– Budding entrepreneurs tend to be quite realistic in their plans. Typically, persons planning to set up a company have already thought about their business plan for a long time, albeit rarely in the shape of a business plan. We help budding entrepreneurs work on a variety of things. Our role is to coach and bring forth different perspectives for the development of business.

Business Joensuu website contains more information on apartment hotel Lietsu Palvelut Oy and Lommon Oikaisu Pesonen.

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