- No matter what, Business Joensuu can help. If they don’t have the expertise you need, they know who to turn to, says Mikko Kontkanen, CEO of Muovisola Oy.

This kind of help and advice has been essential for Muovisola along the way. The company cooperated with Business Joensuu in 2019 to manage the investment plans and applications for the expansion of the company and its machine equipment. The most recent investment, a facility expansion of more than 400 square metres, will be put into use in early 2020. The expansion cost nearly EUR 400,000, and it also included investments in automation and material handling equipment.

Family company

Muovisola is based in Polvijärvi, and it was founded in 1993. Over the past decades, it has grown into a company with 20 employees, specialising in the manufacturing of plastic products. The company’s expertise includes various hospital and laboratory products and other plastic products with high hygiene requirements.

– Cleanroom production is one of our assets. We have invested in automation for years already. The benefits of automation are concretised as the highest quality and efficient production. In fact, our production operates continuously in five shifts, says CEO Mikko Kontkanen.

New avenues

The recent investment in facility expansion is significant to Muovisola, whose turnover is just over two million. On average, the company invests approximately EUR 100,000 annually in production.

However, investments are not limited to facilities, machinery and equipment. Muovisola aims at growth, which requires increasingly goal-oriented investments in sales and marketing.

– In 2019, we invested more and more in the acquisition of new customers. For this goal, our cooperation with Business Joensuu plays a major role. In addition to participating in the subcontracting fair in Tampere, we have gone on subcontracting fair trips to Sweden and Germany.

At the moment, Muovisola exports directly to Sweden, Estonia and Poland, the most recent avenue of export being Sweden.

– In November 2019, we participated in the Elmia fair, and it was there that we made this contact to Sweden.

Eyes and ears open

North Karelia is one of Finland’s most important areas of expertise and production in the field of plastics. The roots of plastics expertise lead back to Perlos, a company that used to have production related to the pharmaceutical industry. Perlos is long gone, but the cluster providing services to the pharmaceutical industry in North Karelia is strong. Muovisola is an important part of this subcontracting network.

Mikko Kontkanen and his brother Toni Kontkanen are second-generation entrepreneurs at Muovisola. The brothers’ goal is to further grow the company. Growth requires automation. Considering its size, Muovisola is already one of the leaders in automation.

Another possible avenue of growth is corporate acquisition. According to Mikko Kontkanen, the company has its ears and eyes open for potential corporate acquisitions.

Kontkanen predicts that 2020 will be mostly similar to 2019. Turnover is likely to remain at the current level; fluctuations in world economy are also apparent in Polvijärvi. Although Kontkanen does not believe in growth leaps, he strongly believes in making production more effective in a purposeful way and getting results that way. The acquisition of new customers has started on a good trajectory and will be continued with the expertise of Business Joensuu.

– Business Joensuu is a reliable partner for a growth-oriented company – a trusty partner you can lean on.

During the acceleration of investments, Muovisola participated in the Digikarjalasta kajahtaa project funded by the Regional Council of North Karelia.

“In 2019, we invested more and more in the acquisition of new customers”