The most valuable brand in Finland, and Security company of the year 2018. The most meaningful innovation in Finland in the year 1907. To Finnish people, Abloy is a synonym for security, and in the export market, it is known as a top technology brand. This pioneer of intelligent lock systems digitises security and takes advantage of user experiences provided by school children in Joensuu.

– The city of Joensuu was active and took the initiative, and so we became involved in the design of Nepenmäki new school from an early stage. We started off from functionality and maximising the use of facilities, Key Account Manager of Abloy Oy Arttu Jussila describes.

Secure and functional

The first pupils started at Nepenmäki new comprehensive school in autumn 2018. The school is designed for 600 to 700 pupils, and at the beginning, it has approximately 70 members of teaching staff.

– These days, schools have a variety of electronic equipment, starting from computers and tablets. The facilities, in turn, are open and changeable. Teaching equipment is stored in lockable and moveable cabinets. Abloy’s flexible CLIQ technology was selected for the cabinets, as well as for other locks in the property. The functionality of the overall solution has been piloted in the school, and the users have quickly provided valuable information on their experiences, Jussila says.

Everyone is in the target group!

Nepenmäki School is the heart of the neighbourhood in various different ways. In addition to pre-primary education and primary education, the school houses a library, a sports hall and facilities for school welfare services. In addition to school children, the facilities are used by sports and youth services, adult education and the conservatory of music. The school also has facilities for afternoon clubs for children.

– The school has a very extensive user group, so a secure lock system and the ability to move smoothly from one place to another are very important.

The fact that the buttons and handles of Nepenmäki school are free from bacteria is also a security factor; an antimicrobial solution for door accessories was selected for the school. ABLOY ACTIVE destroys 99% of harmful microbes, which is not a minor matter considering the wide community of users and the yearly flu seasons.

Digital security

At the end of last year, Abloy launched the digital ABLOY PULSE lock and access control system designed for residential properties. The first property in the world to be implemented with the digital and cyber-secure system was a rented apartment building owned by student housing company Joensuun Elli.

As part of an international group, Joensuu is a global vantage point

The lock elements of PULSE are designed by engineers from Joensuu. The digital system, in turn, is a strong showcase of ASSA ABLOY Group’s expert cooperation. PULSE is the most extensive development project designed and implemented in collaboration with the business group.

– Abloy is an international company making 60% of its turnover from export. As part of the international group, Joensuu is a global vantage point. The company is already 111 years old, but we now talk about a new Abloy: a company which develops systems for the facilitation of smooth movement from place to another in an intelligent, secure, digital, cost-effective and ecological manner, says Marketing Manager at Abloy Johanna Varis, who cherishes the most valuable brand in Finland.