1. The world’s largest forest machine factory is located in Joensuu

Yes. John Deere Forestry forest machine factory in Joensuu is the largest one in the world. In addition to its own personnel, the factory employs several companies, which has created a world-class subcontractor network in Joensuu.  Read more about the expertise in metal and plastic products in the Joensuu region


2. Locking solutions manufactured in Joensuu are used daily by 100 million people

All Finns have certainly used Abloy locks. Joensuu is the home of this prestigious brand, and the factory is optimised with lean material flow and features the latest technology. The factory employs 800 people and delivers 3.4 million products every year.


3. Forest bioeconomy, metal and plastic industry, photonics and ICT are among Joensuu’s top expertise

Joensuu is known as European Forest Capital, as the region has plenty of expertise in sustainable utilisation of natural resources. The plastic and metal industry produces both modern forest machines and products for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. In photonics, the region’s core competence includes especially AR and VR technologies, 3D printing and the applications of diffractive and modern optics. The Joensuu region has a particularly strong ICT network with international companies and future top experts.


4. From Joensuu to Helsinki in one hour

The proximity of the Russian border does not mean that Joensuu is far away. You can fly from Helsinki to Joensuu in an hour, and rail connections are excellent for both passengers and freight traffic. The modern port makes it possible to transport freight by water to key European ports in less than a week.


5. Universities have a strong presence in Joensuu

University of Eastern Finland is the most multidisciplinary university in Finland, offering teaching in nearly 100 major subjects. The university campuses are in Joensuu and Kuopio.


6. 30% of people living in Joensuu are under 30 years old

University of Eastern FinlandKarelia University of Applied SciencesRiveria and other education providers attract future experts. In fact, Joensuu provides education and training from forest machine operators and customer service professionals to doctoral programmes in plastic technology and physics.


7. Companies thrive in Joensuu

According to the market research company Taloustutkimus, companies are happy in Joensuu and recommend the city for others. Companies value particularly the entrepreneurial attitude in the municipality (8th place among Finnish cities), the cooperation between companies and educational institutions (5th place) and the availability of workforce (6th place). (Source: Taloustutkimus, image of municipalities, 2020)


8. Joensuu is close to nature

Joensuu is located only 60 km from the Finnish national landscape Koli. Nearly 300,000 tourists visited Koli National Park in 2021. In addition to Koli, there are skiing tracks and hundreds of kilometres of hiking trails in the Joensuu region. Many Joensuu residents can access a skiing track or jogging trail almost from their front door.


9. Joensuu aims to become carbon-neutral by 2025

Joensuu has been implementing a climate strategy since 2010. The goal is to make Joensuu carbon neutral by 2025. Reducing electricity consumption and switching to renewable energy sources play a key role in achieving this goal. The companies in the region are strongly engaged to the goal and cooperate closely with the City of Joensuu.


10. Joensuu has world’s top level air and water quality

According to a bioindicator follow-up study carried out by the ELY Centre in 2020, the air quality in North Karelia is Finland’s best. Further, the customer satisfaction for water quality is top level in Joensuu. For example, 81% of international students in Joensuu state that the water quality in Joensuu is better than in their hometown.