Business areas in Joensuu also enable the optimisation of energy production and material flows. The growing business areas of PapinkangasMarjala and GreenPark offer excellent opportunities for relocating your company in the area. Individual plots are also available in other business areas of the city. We will customise a right-sized plot to suit your needs and take all possible synergies into account. Please note that in accordance with the land use programme of the City of Joensuu, the company plots are mainly rented.


Great location offers synergies

With good traffic connections, the industrial park GreenPark is a new type of business park designed specifically for the needs of wood and metal industry and cleantech companies. GreenPark offers excellent opportunities for B2B collaboration, bringing your company real competitive advantage and cost savings in optimising material and energy flows.

Photo: Savon Voima Oyj, Kari Vesterinen

Biotie area is a new industrial area in Iiksenvaara. It is located next to the existing cluster of circular economy and energy production companies. The area offers a first-class operating environment for energy-intensive production that require large volumes of transport.

Papinkangas is a growing hub of commerce and industry in Joensuu. If necessary, the plots in the area can be modified to suit your company’s needs. The area is suitable for businesses that require a lot of space, and also large, customised plots are available in the area.

Marjala business plots are located between the motorway, the Marjala junction and the Marjalantie road. The companies located there are visible both on the motorway and on Marjalantie. Nearly 20,000 vehicles pass through the area every day. The plots are only a 5-minute drive away from the airport. Marjala has suitable business plots for both commercial and industrial use. The streets are finished and the plots are already connected to the utilities, so you can start the construction work quickly.


Affordable plots and high-quality facilities in the Joensuu region

Polvijärvi business areas are located in the villages of Sotkuma and Polvijärvi, in the industrial area of Vasarakangas. We can rent or sell a right-sized plot for you or customise already existing facilities to suit your company’s needs. The business areas are located along good transport connections, and it takes only about 20 minutes to drive from the Sotkuma business area to Joensuu.

Outokumpu has business plots with good infrastructure and that have been planned for industrial use. The network of district heating, energy and utilities located at the heart of Outokumpu Industrial Park along the Highway 9 offer an excellent option especially for industrial activities. Business Centre building also has necessary meeting and event facilities and a cafeteria.

The municipality of Ilomantsi has plots for a wide range of companies. If you are looking for a suitable building site for a service-sector company or an industrial company, we can either suggest a suitable plot or help you find one that meets your needs. Supporting entrepreneurs is important for the municipality: Ilomantsi was selected as the most entrepreneurial municipality in 2010, 2012 and 2016.

Heinävesi also has a good availability of facilities and business plots. The municipal plots are located in the industrial area of the village, and diverse business activities can be found in the area. The municipality sells and rents business plots.


Facilities for all needs

The Business Joensuu’s register of business premises contains a wide range of available business, office, industrial and storage facilities located in the area. We will help you find the right facility for you. The service is free of charge. Welcome to explore the options!

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