In Joensuu, a company or, for instance, a product development unit can easily become a part of a network combining high-level scientific and industrial expertise, up-to-date offices and research and product development environments, and good logistics connections.

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Young people are the future!

There are 20 000 students in Joensuu, which is more than in any other Finnish city in proportion to the number of inhabitants. Every year, the city attracts thousands of young people to high-quality studies at a university or university of applied sciences. This vibrant city of young people creates a labour market for educated people committed to their employment.

The University of Eastern Finland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences and Riveria are engaged in active cooperation with companies in the region also when companies need tailored training.

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“People look up to our cooperation skills, which are studied and copied elsewhere. I cannot say whether this is all about the active and extroverted approach that is characteristic of people in Karelia and Savonia, or a by-product of the excellent population size”

  • Lauri Sikanen, Principal Scientist, Natural Resources Institute Finland