In Joensuu, you can find a suitable place for all kinds of business activities from manufacturing to trade and services. Business parks and plots of land for companies are available all over the city, as well in rural areas surrounding Joensuu. The business parks and plots of land are located alongside good transport connections, and can thus serve companies in the best possible way. However, fantastic traffic connections are not enough: Joensuu’s business areas have been developed so that they can also provide other concrete benefits to companies.

Business park of the future and world-class energy infrastructure

GreenPark is a new type of business park, which makes your company more efficient by optimising the flow of material and energy. Green energy solutions are already in use, and an energy system covering the business park is under development. GreenPark is also a perfect platform for cooperation between companies. This is evidenced by the world-class cooperative network formed around forest machinery manufacturer John Deere Forestry. John Deere was the main generator of the business park’s development in its initial stages, and now we are looking for a company that could benefit from and shape the business park’s future development. Are we talking about your business? The region is particularly suited for companies in the cleantech, wood and metals industry.

GreenPark’s location is brilliant in terms of logistics: it is located right by the city centre, which, among other things, facilitates cooperation with research and educational institutions. There is a deep-water harbour in the area, where ships sail to ports all over Europe in less than a week via the Baltic Sea. The deep-sea port is open 300 days a year. A direct rail connection from the area transports your products to, for instance, China in only ten days.

If your business operations are energy intensive, the Biotie (Bio Road) area is right for you. New plots of land will be available for industrial use by the cluster of traditional energy production and the circular economy. The area is home to Fortum’s 200 megawatt biopower plant, which produces electricity, district heating and bio oil from renewable energy sources and with a small carbon footprint. The area is suited for heavy transport, as a highway connection is very close, and the deep-water harbour is only a few kilometres’ away.

A visible location right by a highway

Opened in summer 2017, Papinkangas is the newest business area in Joensuu. The area will be the next significant commercial and industrial cluster in Joensuu. The first company is already in operation, and various plots of land have been reserved. There are various plots of land available for businesses and industrial activities in prominent places, and the area is also suited for operations requiring a lot of space.

Located in the southern part of Joensuu by highway 6 leading to Lappeenranta and Russia, Papinkangas is growing in terms of inhabitants. The highway connection and non-motorised transport connections guarantee a smooth transport for customers and goods in all directions.

There is flexibility in terms of acquiring a plot of land for business purposes: where appropriate, you can either rent or buy land. In many areas, the plots of land can also be tailored to your company’s needs. If required, Joensuun Yrityskiinteistöt Oy can help in the building of business premises.

Other plots of land

City of Joensuu offers other locations and plots of land, too.

Outokummun seudun Teollisuuskylä Oy can help find a suitable solution for locating in Outokumpu.

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