With respect to total energy economy, the center’s location next to a thermal power plant provides a unique opportunity to supply the heat energy generated by the data center directly to the district heating network. The area’s expansion capacity and electrical power scalability up to 200 MW also provide benefits.

Security and political stability are among Finland’s many strengths as a location for data centers. An important part of the socially stable infrastructure is formed by the country’s high-grade education system and long experience in the design and construction of large-scale building sites that require minimal risk and high safety levels. Finland has a stable electricity network and the telecommunications connections are excellent.

With regard to environmental and climate issues critical to data centres, Finland’s assets include its northern location and abundance of water bodies that enable the implementation of cost-effective cooling systems. When it comes to the willingness to solve environmental issues, Finland is a trailblazer; competence in ecosystems and consideration to environmental perspectives are important parts of the whole when deciding on the locations of data centers.

Joensuu offers extensive commitment

As the data center’s location, Joensuu offers all the strengths of Finland in a concrete manner. In addition, the designated data center location in Joensuu provides a unique opportunity to utilise waste heat and to expand the data centre, if required. The surface area of the land suitable for the data center is approximately 100 ha. The connection to the national power grid enables the scalability of electrical power up to 200 MW. The state-owned energy company Fortum’s large heat and power combined plant (CHP) produces green electricity to the city’s district heating network right next to the data center park. This connection enables supplying 100% of the data center’s excess heat to the city’s district heating network.

The existing short connection to the River Pielisjoki ensures cost-effective cooling for the data center. Logistically, the area is easily accessible. A flight to Helsinki International Airport takes one hour. The center is close to the road and railway networks, and there is also a harbour in Joensuu.

The City of Joensuu and the local community, including Business Joensuu, the University of Eastern Finland and other educational institutions, are committed to providing all necessary support for the data center’s investments.

You can also find Joensuu data center’s profile on the Business Finland website: