When it comes to developing a business in stable conditions and at the entrance to the EU market, the Joensuu region is an excellent place for companies located in the neighbouring areas of Russia. Business Joensuu’s Russian Desk has been created to meet the needs of Russian customers, to reduce the threshold for starting a business and to explore opportunities for growth in new markets!

Concrete assistance and advice in Russian

The investment decision is affected by a wide range of cultural and practical issues. How to establish a company in Finland? How do I open a bank account? What do I need to obtain a residence permit? Business specialists in Business Joensuu provide practical advice and search out answers to questions on matters such as locating oneself in the Joensuu region or international exports.

Our mission is to provide support and offer a broad range of necessary services relating to areas such as:

  • Setting up and developing a business
  • Locating one’s company
  • Change of ownership
  • Internationalisation

In the Joensuu region, start-ups, large companies, research institutes and business development organisations carry out their work as part of a unique open network. We hope Russian investors and companies can come and benefit from the world-class expertise found in the Joensuu region as well as its top-level research and development environments!

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“Business Joensuu Oy serves all companies planning business in the Joensuu region. The Joensuu region is an excellent place to live and do business. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!”

  • Leena Lehikoinen, Invest In Russia, Project Manager