Plastics and metal industry

The leading metal industry companies in the Joensuu region are John Deere Forestry Oy, Kesla Oyj, Abloy Oy and Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy. In the plastics industry, the Joensuu region has seen the development of a strong cluster of companies serving the international pharmaceutical industry. The leading company within this network is Phillips-Medisize Oy, which works together with its partnering companies that include Kaptas Oy, Valukumpu Oy, Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy and Medix Biochemica.

Growing networks

Developing around these companies that are operating in the international markets is an exceptionally strong network of subcontractors and contract-based manufacturers. These networks develop and grow through proximity with these leading companies – there are opportunities for many kinds of companies and skills to meet with success as part of a larger network.

Joensuu Greenpark is one concrete example of the city’s active role in strengthening growth and development in the region.

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“The hydraulic crane we developed is taking over markets all over the world. Entering new market areas requires even more from our production chain.”

  • Mia Mantsinen, Chief Executive Officer, Mantsinen Group –


Forest Bioeconomy and Circular Economy 4.0

The Joensuu region’s key assets in its position as a leader in the forest bioeconomy and circular economy is its broad network of forest bioeconomy expertise and the smooth cooperation between different organisations. Interdisciplinarity brings concrete results: the traditional forest industry has taken strides forward through drawing on expertise from chemistry, biology, photonics and other fields of science. The organisations within the region, both public and private, know each other well and can easily approach each other to work together.

The forest is a place of opportunity

The forests are being utilised in new ways to bring solutions to climate change, to find substitutes for non-renewable materials and fossil fuels, to develop future materials, to prevent desertification, to promote health, to provide food and to boost mental well-being.

An industry that is being renewed and reshaped

The development of products and operating models for the forest bioeconomy and the circular economy presents companies with many global business opportunities. Joensuu is looking forward, reforming and advancing. At its best, this is what the Joensuu Forest Bioeconomy and Circular Economy 4.0 is all about.

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“At the moment, this region has a very positive attitude towards entrepreneurs. I would argue that few entrepreneurs get such good service anywhere else. No matter what it is about, it gets sorted.”

  • Janne Haapasalo, Factory Manager, John Deere Forestry Oy –


At the heart of photonics

In Finland, interdisciplinary research into modern optics and optoelectronics has been centred on the Institute of Photonics in Joensuu. Photonics is a key technology also for many traditional industrial sectors. Together, the photonics-based companies and photonics education and development organisations in Joensuu form a strong international hub, which is attractive also to many companies that make use of photonics, such as Nanocomp, Vaisala and Olympus.

Unique technology

The 3D optics printer brought into use in early 2016 in the University of Eastern Finland’s Institute of Photonics is the only one of its kind in the world. This, the world’s most advanced 3D printer for optical components, is capable of printing at record speed challenging components such as prisms, hybrid lenses and wave conductors used in virtual reality applications.

Participating in the flagship programme

Photonics are already being utilised in areas such as communications, biomedicine, energy and environmental technology, manufacturing technology and consumer products. New applications are being created continuously. The University of Eastern Finland is involved in the flagship programme of photonics research carried out by the Academy of Finland.

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“Photonics is bringing solutions to global challenges both directly and indirectly. Come and join in with photonics research and production in the Joensuu region!”

  • Juha Purmonen, Development Manager, Business Joensuu Oy –


ICT and digital economy

ICT companies in the Joensuu region export, for instance, data removal, remote sensing of natural resources, digital learning, operations management in social and health care, as well as innovations of the industrial internet. Many of our ICT companies are national and international brands: Blancco, Valamis, Fastroi, Arbonaut, Solenovo, Cloudia, Process Genius, Keypro, CGI.

Into the world market!

A key company that paved the way for ICT success in the Joensuu region was Blancco, a company specialised in data disposal that was founded in 1997 and sold in 2014 to the British company Regenersis. Blancco’s success has helped propel many other Joensuu ICT companies into the global market. An example of this is Valamis, which develops learning environments. Gartner has listed Valamis in its Inc. 5000 list of the most rapidly growing companies.

A region of experts

The University of Eastern Finland and Karelia University of Applied Sciences are training new experts in the field. Joensuu’s reputation as a centre of information technology and the digital economy also attracts international experts and expertise.

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“I have never regarded Joensuu as a difficult place to run a business, quite the contrary. I have received from Joensuu and from other public organisations all the possible support I could need, and then some more”

  • Kim Väisänen, Founder of Blancco