Business Joensuu helps start-up entrepreneurs with all things business. We will spar you to get your business up and running and your licencing in order. We will help you apply for a start-up grant and other financing opportunities and prepare a business plan and profitability calculations. We will advise you when you are starting up and when you want to develop your business further. Our networks will help you find the most important stakeholders related to your business. With us, you will also find information on taxation, the Accounting Act and insurance, as well as sparring to develop your idea into a profitable business. We use interpretation services, so you can get general business advice in your own language.


Our services



SET UP – towards entrepreneurship 

SET UP guidance is free of charge and intended for everyone consid-ering entrepreneurship – we will support you and give you advice you on next steps. The service is intend-ed for that moment in time when
a company is still just a dream, an idea, or even a vague concept.

START – business sparring and coaching

START coaching has been developed specifically for you now that you have decided to take a step towards entrepreneurship. With the help of peer support and sparring with our experts, you can clarify your business idea and get your business up and running prop-erly. Over a period of six weeks, you will work alone or in a group forming completely new kinds of insights and perspectives for your business.

ACCELERATE – fast laneto the world

We work with you to ensure that your business plan becomes a successful business venture. With the ACCELERATE programme, you chal-lenge yourself to make your dream come true. We will help your company and your top team grow and go inter-national. By entering into a year-long cooperation agreement, you can partic-ipate in the active start-up community located at the Science Park. We also utilise two investment funds and an extensive investor network.

StartUp Fund Joensuu

From North Karelia to the world! StartUp Fund Joensuu provides seed investments to start-up and early stage companies. Fund consists of equity from private investors and city of Joensuu (Finland).


Services for immigrant entrepreneurs

Услуги для предпринимателей-иммигрантов

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