Forest&Photonics participants are expected to cover their own travelling and accommodation.

Travelling to Joensuu

Travelling by train from Helsinki to Joensuu
We suggest either to travel to Joensuu day before in 21th November or taking the InterCity 1 train at 6.57 from Helsinki in 22nd November.
Tickets and timetables from VR-website –

Travelling by plane from Helsinki to Joensuu
Amapola Flyg will fly to Joensuu in 21st November leaving at 23.40 from Helsinki and arriving 00.45 to Joensuu. Also in 23rd November Amapola flight back to Helsinki will leave at 18.30 from Joensuu and arrive 19.35 to Helsinki.

Tickets and timetables from Amapola website –

Joensuu Airport
Joensuu Airport is located about 11 kilometers from Joensuu city centre.
Address: Lentoasemantie 30, 80140 Joensuu.

Taxi in Joensuu
Taxis are on call at the taxi stand in front of the Joensuu airport during the scheduled arrival times. If you wish to confirm a ride or you have special requests, you can book a taxi before arriving at the airport. Tel. +358 0601 10100.

If you are arriving with own car, best place to park is parking garage P-Asemaparkki. Entrance and exit in the parking garage is open 24 h, Asemankaari 9, 80100 Joensuu.