Keynote speakers

Risto Linturi, futurist

In his presentation Risto Linturi will shed light to the myriad ways how photonics will impact the future of forest sector. New sensors enable forest roaming robots and detailed digital twins of forestry processes, where each tree has an identity. New material technology innovations, manufacturing innovations, biotechnology breakthroughs – they all rely on recent or fothcoming photonics research. They will change how we grow, process and use wood, how we trade forestry products and how we view our forests.



Kalle Kärhä, professor, University of Eastern Finland

Dr. Kalle Kärhä is currently a Professor of Forest Technology, especially Digitalization of Forest Operations and Logistics at the University of Eastern Finland and also holds a Docent professorship in Forest Technology at the University of Helsinki and a Docent professorship in Forest Operations, especially Forest Energy Supply Systems at the University of Eastern Finland. Previously he worked at Stora Enso company for a total of ten years.