Traveling to Finland, Joensuu and Koli

The program of Forest&Photonics 2019 is scheduled to meet the train and airplane timetables. Bus transportation is organized from Joensuu Science Park, Sokos Hotel Kimmel and Joensuu Airport to Break Sokos Hotel Koli / Koli Nature Centre Ukko, where Forest & Photonics seminar is held.

Traveling to Finland
The majority of international flights arrive to the Helsinki airport ( The best way to reach Joensuu is to fly from Helsinki to Joensuu with Finnair. The flight takes about 50 minutes. See Finnair timetables here.

Joensuu Airport
Joensuu Airport is located about 11 kilometers from Joensuu city centre.
Address: Lentoasemantie 30, 80140 Joensuu.

Taxi in Joensuu
Taxis are on call at the taxi stand in front of the Joensuu airport during the scheduled arrival times. If you wish to confirm a ride or you have special requests, you can book a taxi before arriving at the airport. Tel. +358 0601 10100.

Taxi in Koli
Koli Taksi- ja tilausajopalvelut, Tel. +358 20 741 4390
Kolin taksipalvelu Oy, Tel. +358 20 741 4391
Taksikoli Oy, Tel. +358 20 741 4393

Bus connections
There is a regular bus connection between Joensuu city center and airport operated by Savo-Karjalan Linja Oy. For schedules, please visit their website here.

When flying to Joensuu, be sure to admire the view from above: seeing Finland from the window of an airplane will help you understand where the nickname “The Land of a Thousand Lakes “comes from.

Traveling by plane from Helsinki to Joensuu (Tickets from Finnair:

Finnair will fly to Joensuu in 7th of October leaving at 7.25 from Helsinki and arriving 8.25 to Joensuu. Also in 8th of October Finnair flight back to Helsinki will leave at 17.30 from Joensuu and arrive 18.30 to Helsinki.

Traveling by train from Helsinki to Joensuu (Tickets from VR:

By train you need to travel day before in 6th of October. Train timetables to be announced.


Bus transportation between Joensuu and Koli (Free for F&P participants)

On 7th of October AM (Joensuu – Koli) 

  • 7:55 Joensuu Science Park, Länsikatu 15, 80101 Joensuu (Linnunlahdentie side, bus stop)
  • 8:10 Sokos Hotel Kimmel
  • 8:30 Joensuu Airport (bus waits all arrivals from Helsinki plane)
  • 9:50 Nature Centre Ukko / Break Sokos Hotel Koli

On 8th of October PM (Koli – Joensuu)

  • 3:30 The bust leaves from Nature Centre Ukko / Break Sokos Hotel Koli
  • 4:30 Sokos Hotel Kimmel (if needed)
  • 4:50 Joensuu Airport (The flight to Helsinki leaves at 5.30)

City of Joensuu is a city and municipality in North Karelia in the province of Eastern Finland. Joensuu is located about 70 kilometers west from the border of Russia and about 440 kilometers north-east from city of Helsinki.

Koli is the national landscape, national park, a tourist area, downhill and cross-country skiing destination, the highest point in southern Finland, a geological landmark, the merger of Finnish culture. Koli is located about 75 kilometers north from the city of Joensuu.