Forest&Photonics participants are expected to cover their own flights and accommodation. Please contact chosen hotel directly. When making your reservation, remember to mention reservation code BF&P2019 for special pricing.

Accommodation for 7th – 8th of October 2019

Break Sokos Hotel Koli

Ylä-Kolintie 39 83960 Koli
Tel. +358 20 1234 662

Make your reservation on 13th September 2019 at the latest. When making your reservation please use code BF&P2019.

Rooms & Prices:

107€/day – 1 person room
122€/day – 2 person room

132€/day – 1 person superior room
147€/day – 2 person superior room

147€/day-1 person superior x room
162€/day-2 person superior x room

172€/day-1 person junior suite
187€/day-2 person junior suite

192€/day-1 person suite
207€/day-2 person suite

Superior room, superior x room, junior suite and suite has a view to lake Pielinen.
Accommodation includes: buffet-breakfast, Wi-Fi, usage of hotel sauna, bathrobes, slippers and electric kettle.

Koli Relax Spa tickets: 26€ per person (including red, white or sparkling wine 0,75 bottle or Lumene products)

Break Sokos Hotel Koli

Accommodation before or after the event in Joensuu

Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel, Joensuu
6. – 7.10.2019 & 8. – 9.10.2019

When making your reservation please use code BF&P2019.
You can make your registration trough webpage or by calling +358 20 1234 663 or by email

Itäranta 1, 80100 Joensuu
Tel. +358 20 1234 663

Transportation from the hotel: airport 13 km, railway station 100 m

Rooms & Prices:

110€/day – 1 person room
130€/day – 2 person room

Accommodation includes: buffet-breakfast, Wi-Fi, usage of hotel sauna and swimming pool

Koli National Park

Koli is the national landscape, national park, a tourist area, downhill and cross-country skiing destination, the highest point in southern Finland, a geological landmark, the merger of Finnish culture. See:

Koli has inspired many painters and composers, e.g. Jean Sibelius, Juhani Aho and Eero Järnefelt. Eero Järnefelt painted together with A.W. Finch and Ilmari Aalto a large scenery about Koli in 1911. Painters found Koli in the 19th century and after that Koli has been called one of the national sceneries of Finland. Source:, Interested in the composer Jean Sibelius? Take a peek into Sibelius’ Finland.

Break Sokos Hotel Koli

Address: Ylä-Kolintie 39, 83960 Koli Break Sokos Hotel Koli is located in the picturesque Koli National Park, close to the peaks of Koli. The view from the hotel towards Pielinen seems to continue forever and ever, and the sky is breathtakingly close. You will feel relaxed simply by admiring the view. The challenging slopes of Ukko-Koli can be accessed directly from the hotel. Where else can you put your ski boots on in your room and hit the slopes from the front door? Or put your hiking shoes on and head to various hiking routes directly from the hotel yard? In the evening, you can dip into gentle hot tubs at the scenic Koli Relax Spa and admire the view from its outdoor pools. Transportation: airport 85 km, railway station 75 km.